C3 CAPITAL is an independent investment boutique that operates with business structuring, business strategy and specialized financial advice in REAL ESTATE, PRIVATE EQUITY and FINANCING.

C3 CAPITAL understands that a good business strategy involves the construction of sustainable competitive advantages such as:

  1. Strategic Assets
  2. Entry Barriers
  3. Product Differentiation

C3 CAPITAL helps the company to:

  • Think and act strategically
  • Access capital/resources
  • Demobilize assets and make the operation more efficient
  • Raise focus on core business

Companies with multiple competitive advantages will have a better chance of winning and staying ahead in a globalized world.

C3 CAPITAL, through a vast network of national and international relationships, accesses financial resources and unique solutions.

We are a meritocracy based company that uses strategy tools and works with teams with different expertise and talents. We work with national and international companies and investors.

Real Estate

Financial/real estate operations for your company to demobilize capital or bring resources.

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In C3 CAPITAL the investor has the opportunity to access the transaction that best fits his investment/return criteria according to his income or capital gain objective.

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Advisory Companies

We advise companies in the preparation and execution of the corporate equity sale strategy in order to have a national or international strategic partner.

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